Who we are

The European Bottom Fishing Alliance (EBFA) is a fishing industry coalition representing over 20 000 fishermen and 7 000 vessels, ranging from artisanal to large scale bottom fisheries, that have come together to defend, support and showcase the environmental, economic, social and cultural realities of fishing operations with active bottom gears across the European Union fishing nations.

Our mission

The EBFA was founded in March 2022 by fishing organisations to support the use of active bottom gears as a sustainable activity. We gathered to offer a united voice and to showcase the reality of fishing operations so that the European legislation could be based on science and facts.

Together, we deliver 25% of total European seafood landings. We provide healthy and sustainable food supplies for millions of people. We want to keep driving economic and social value to the coastal and peripheral communities of 14 European countries while working towards more sustainability.


“ Our vessels play a fundamental role as food suppliers, bringing ashore more than one million tons of healthy and sustainable seafood annually, which rep
resents around 25% of total EU landings in weight and value. “

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