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Providing sustainable and healthy food supplies

Our mission

We are the European Bottom Fisheries Alliance, a fishing industry coalition of 20 000 fishermen and women representing 7 000 vessels from 14 European coastal countries. 

The EBFA was founded in March 2022 by fishing organisations to support the use of active bottom gears as a sustainable activity. We gathered to offer a united voice and to showcase the reality of fishing operations so that the European legislation could be based on science and facts.

Together, we deliver 25% of total European seafood landings. We provide healthy and sustainable food supplies for millions of people. We want to keep driving economic and social value to the coastal and peripheral communities of 14 European countries while working towards more sustainability.


Through regulation, research and certification, we aim at developing a high level of trust and transparency in our activities to underpin our social license. By working together at the European level, EBFA’s members aim to develop a common vision of food sustainability and to build capacity among civil society to make informed choices.

As we often hear: “we know less about the bottom of the ocean than the surface of the moon”. Fishermen and woman who gathered to form the EBFA, have produced data that is made available to the public and that is used for marine research. Together, we want to restore reliable information so that we can work to lower our impact while providing for food. We believe the European Union can pave the way to sustainable fishing.

“Fish is known as one of the healthiest protein sources on the planet. It’s great for our hearts, our brains, and our general health. But most of us rely on someone else to catch it for us. Bottom fishing is by far the most common method of fishing around the world, including here in Europe. 32% of the EU’s commercial catch uses a type of bottom fishing. But bottom fishing is also one of the most misunderstood fishing methods. There is plenty of myths out there about bottom fishing, and most of it is wrong. The EBFA aims to bring you the facts.”

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